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Welcome to the official web site of the Southwest Dressage Championships (SWDC).  This site was created as a source of information on the rules, regulations, and guidelines for the SWDC for both competitors and Dressage Show Organizers.


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The annual SWDC meeting will again be at the championships during the lunch break after the awards ceremony in the main arena stands on Thursday. There are several rule change proposals to come before the board this year. There has been a request to add pony classes for 2nd,3rd and 4th levels. Currently we only have two persons qualified for 1st level pony. There is a proposal to raise the fees for championship classes. Currently they are capped at $60. There is a proposal that if there are less than 6 qualified for a division/class that no prize money be awarded but medals, ribbons and prizes still be awarded. This would increase the amount of prize money awarded to those classes with large amount of qualifying fees collected. Another proposal is that we do not require participation of the riders in the awards ceremony. Currently the top three competitors are required to come.





2022 SWDC Annual Meeting


Sarah Jane Martin has been elected as the SWDC Chairman for 2023 at the 2022 SWDC Annual Meeting.




2023 Sponsors



$1000 Divison/Class Sponsors



$500 Divison/Class Sponsors


Leslie Rohrer

Great Southwest Equestrian Center

Kolachi Factory

Solstice Farms



$250 Classic Combination Sponsors



$100 Friends of SWDC


Sherry Guess

Alamo Dressage Club

Olva Stewart Pharo

Arlene Gaitan

Ft Worth Dressage Club

Ashley Hammill

Fran Kehr

Susan Peacock



 2023 Sponsorships

2023 Sponsorships are available for $500 per level/division. You will be listed on the SWDC Website, the 2024 Omnibus and in the 2023 Championship Program. Also available you can be listed as a Friend of SWDC. This is a $100 listing.   Please contact the Chairman, PO Box 910, Montgomery, TX 77356





















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